Friday, April 4, 2008

The South Korean 'Paran' Concert.

I doesn’t know why out of a sudden, I am feeling of going for a concert after I scrolled thru the promo that came in to my mobile from Tigo, my network provider.

Join the 1 yr celebrations of TIGO with PARAN hottest Korean Band, @ National Stadium on 5 th of April 2008 from 3 pm. Get your tickets now. Call 123 for info

I made a call to Tigo customer service for enquiries and as per my expectation, as the previous concerts organized by Tigo, it’s a ‘free concert’! A free concert here is in the term that, one have to top-up the prepaid phone with a number of amount, in order to be given for a ‘free’ ticket. Yeah… it’s no harm, because the top-up credit will still belong to me for making calls.

As for this concert, one got to top-up thru their ‘EZLoad program’ at the Tigo head quarter. With a 20,000 Kips of top-up, a ‘normal ticket’ will be given and by top-up to 100,000 Kips, a such called ‘VIP Ticket’ will be issued as complimentary.

I went to Tigo head-quarter yesterday evening after the rain stopped. As I approached to the group of sweet ladies who are busy serving quite a number of customers at that moment, I then met Mr. Bounmmy, my old friend where we use to work together in the same company many many years ago. Mr. Bounmmy is the Customer Service manager of Tigo.

After a short chat with him and told him that my intention is to top-up my mobile just for a free concert ticket, then he asked me for how many tickets that I needs. While I am handing-out my 100,000 Kips for him, he took out a ticket and hand it over to me!

"It’s OK, no need to top-up! It’s for you free", he added. He know me well that, I am actually using ETL network where I am on a monthly bill payment and Tigo is just my second number. 100,000 Kips might be too much for me to finish off since, i am just using Tigo service mainly on SMS only. Without hesitate, I thank him for the free ticket and have to leave without a longer chat since my other friend is waiting for me in the car.

This will be my first experience with Tigo organized concert. The best part out of this is, this will be my first time as well, stepping into the Lao National Stadium after being here, in this country, for the past ten years!!

God bless the concert…!! LOL…!!

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