Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My way to the concert

At about 2:00PM, I was already on my way in attending for the concert. However, I have planned to kill two birds in one stone; or, maybe to be more accurate, to kill three birds in one stone!! LOL… I have an appointment with some one at Xayoh Restaurant which is at the opposite of the stadium. Beside that, I also want to send my report to my boss in Phnom Penh, Cambodia at the internet cafĂ© which is just about 50 meters from Xayoh Restaurant which the shop claims that, their internet speed is the fastest in town… but I think, is the fastest among the snails (in town)!!

Weather is terribly hot on that day! My self was sweat-up bathing under the hot sun. As approaching to Xayoh Restaurant on my meeting appointment, I have been told by the restaurant’s waiter that, the dinning hall inside the restaurant is temporary closed for small maintenance, and have to be seated outside of the restaurant corridor with few big fans blowing, I refuse and trying to find a place with air-conditioning, therefore moving to the next restaurant behind it – Lotus Restaurant.

With much disappointment, I notice that, the dinning hall of this restaurant has no air-conditioning install! Without having a third choice, I choose a table which is nearest to a fan. Already in front at my left was a European lady seem reading something on her “Lonely Planet” traveling book and another couple at their early seventy which I am so much confident from their speech, must have came from French, which are just sitting next to my table.

With a liter of the chilling draft Lao beer, I start notice that, the atmosphere in the dinning hall is actually quite ‘cooling’ even without an air-conditioning system. I felt and getting more comfortable…

Renovated from an old French house, this restaurant has his taste of his own. The interior decoration is very simple and yet beautiful. As a person who know nothing about architecture, I still have a feeling that, the architecture and the design of the structure in this old house, are playing a very important role on the recirculation of the air which made the house remain its cooling even it was over 90 degrees at the outside! It also shown that, how wise the peoples before us were, who has the ideas to manipulate the available elements according to the environments!

At about 4:00PM, I left the restaurant and walking to the stadium for the concert. The surrounding area is so quiet but yet I do not suspect any thing! The time printed in the ticket is suppose at 3:00PM because as conjunction to 1st anniversary of Tigo, there will have some games before the concert. Usually, the concert (any concert) will start at about 7:00PM. Anyhow, did not think on all those! As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have not been to the stadium even I have been in Laos for ten years! The environment and its surround on the way to the stadium therefore seem ‘new’ to me.
Now only I knew, actually, there is a tennis club there which not more then 3 tennis courts and also a public swimming pool with one kid pool at the other part not far from the tennis club.

When I reached the entrance gate, I told the boy there that I am going in for Tigo 1st anniversary concert. As to my surprise, he told me that, the location is moved to ITECC at the last minute! Oh my dear…!!

Immediately, I have two choices appeared in my mind – to go or not to go! ITECC is quite a distance from here (of course still within Vientiane City). If I go there direct from my house, it will be much nearer. Anyway, I told my self, I have all the way here, why not complete-up the whole journey? Yes, I will go to ITECC for the concert!

I walked out to the main road where the Xayoh Restaurant is. I stop a passing-by tuk-tuk (tricycle motorbike) for a ride to ITECC. As to my usual practice, I will ask for the price before I climb up to the vehicle. One should not take for granted for the price or assume a fixed price for a trip by not asking first because some dishonor tuk-tuk driver will taking advantage by increasing the price when you reached to your destination and this mostly happened to foreigners!

30,000Kips, the tuk-tuk driver demand. No way, I murmur myself! As usual, the increase of petrol price will be their main excuse for demanding for a higher price from customers. I have been to this country for ten years and have been staying in Vientiane all these years so I am so much understand on all these rubbish…!!

I then refused and walk to the other main road which about 200 meter from the stadium; behind the Lao Plaza Hotel next to the Korean Bowing Center. I waved for a passing-by tuk-tuk for ITECC and he is requesting me for 20,000Kips. 15,000Kips, I demand. 18,000Kips, he counter demand with me! No…, I walk off and before I manage to wave for another coming tuk-tuk behind him, he quickly call me and ask me to climb-up and agreed to take me to ITECC with my offered price of 15,000Kips!

By just walking for about 200 meter to another direction, I have managed to save from paying 30,000Kips to 15,000Kips only – with a discount of 50%! In Vientiane, one must know the right way to demand and the right place to wait for this tricycle transport even sometime, needs you to walk across to another block or else, you will always paying extra for the unnecessary…!!

To be continue...: Next: Before the concert.

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