Thursday, April 3, 2008

I will back home soon!

I have not been back to my hometown for almost 3 years already which I used to, once a year before this. My last trip was about 3 years ago when my dad was hospitalized and later passed away at the age of 79. Since return back here at Laos, I have too much commitment with my job at the later years and failed to manage some spare time for going back. This is one of my many reasons that I had! Actually, deep in my heart, I’m really doesn’t have the feeling of returning home, especially when I try to imagine that, I am in the house but without my dad around…!!

I am the youngest in the family. When I was at home, I used to chat with my dad on every thing from personal matters to country politics. He is keen when we speaks on the recent politics development even neither of us are or been as a politician!

This trip home is too sentimental to me. I am taking the opportunity on my eldest sister’s birthday which is on the 5th of May to return and celebrate with her. I have no intention to inform her on my return, as to give her a surprise visit and celebration! She is the only one left in the house since my dad was passed away. My mum has left all of us, for more then ten years, and now my dad has reunion with her. My sister is a very strong lady, to me and all these time, since my dad is not around, she has been doing everything by her own, with no one assistance – maybe, if do, the neighbours. She is making her own decision on everything. I am really owing to her a lot…

Too much thing needs to be settled once back home. The first thing I got to do is to get my identity card renewed. The country was changing to the new ‘micro chips ID Card’ and I am still holding the old type. For sure, I will be compound for being late to convert to the new one, even one year of time have been given by the government for the citizens to make for the renewal. During that period, I was still in Laos. I hope my excuse will be accepted and will not be fine too heavily on this.

The “Inland Revenue” is another matter to make me headache! They had tax me back dated on my income, base on estimation! I already fax my explanation latter to them from here and any how, my ‘case’ is still in pending until I meet them personally for clarification. I am not liable for tax in Malaysia because I got my revenue in Laos and had has paid my income tax to the local authority here as according to their law. If they tax me, then I will be ‘double taxed’ which is too un-fare to me!!

About my leave home, actually, I still haven’t submit my leave application to my head office in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) for approval but my big boss will be coming to Laos in the middle of this month (April) therefore, I just request thru him. I don’t think it will be a matter! Further more, I am also needed to apply for a China visa. I can apply the visa from the China Embassy here in Vientiane, but since going back home, I have been thinking to get it done over there, in KL (Kuala Lumpur).

My Malaysian friend just informed me that, the Multiply Visa which is good for ONE YEAR is cost for RM100 only (RM100/3.2=US$31.25)! It’s too cheap!! It’s takes about US$20-US$30 for a SINGLE ENTRY visa, if I do it here, in Vientiane! (I can’t remember the actual price. I have not apply for a long time!) The single entry visa cost if apply in Malaysia is only RM30! (RM30/3.2=US$9.38). It’s only takes about 24 hours for the processing, as what been informed to me by my Malaysian friend. “Just get it done!” I told myself! It’s no harm for an extra visa in the passport!

After returning from Malaysia, I have a plan to go to the China border (Lao-China border). I intend to go there not because of getting the China visa (LOL!!) but, I already planned these for a long time. I will be going there for official and not for holiday. I got to do some ‘marketing survey’ for the office. Actually, I suppose to go there on late last year but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the trip is keep-on postponing until today. Hopefully, after returning from Malaysia, I can cleared off this trip plan from my busy schedule, as well in finding another good chance (perhaps I should called it as “excuse”) to ‘officially’ utilize my China Multiply Visa, by entering to China, from Laos side, thru the Lao-China border… yessss!!

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